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Perfect organisation
for high-quality translations

Our good organisation enables EUROTEXT Fachübersetzungen GmbH to consistently provide high-quality translations. Our success is based on two departments that work perfectly together: our internal translation department looks after the linguistic quality of the translations and our orders department is responsible for project organisation and ensures that translations are delivered on schedule. Our company covers the entire value-added chain. Experience gained help us to define new requirements.

Send your application with the necessary documents to info@eurotext-essen.de.

Very important: state your source and your target languages and your line or word price, and whether you are authorised or not!

Where necessary, we will send you a sample text for translation.

For graduates
several months of work experience at a successful translation agency

Graduates with translation science degrees have the opportunity at EUROTEXT Fachübersetzungen GmbH to acquire work experience for several months in our orders and translations department.

As an intern, you will initially get to know our company organisation and our quality management system. You will subsequently be introduced to the work in the different departments. For example, in the orders department you will learn how to reliably process and schedule projects.

You will get practical insight into the working methods of a certified translation service provider.