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Our interpreters possess the necessary sensitivity for the correct terminologies and are at home in the international arena, are familiar with national customs and etiquette. Thanks to their personable and competent demeanour, they will contribute to the successful course of your business meetings.

Vereidigter Dolmetscher

Sworn interpreters

Sworn interpreters and translators are commissioned by prosecutors, courts and lawyers. They have sworn an oath in court and thus attested to their professional qualification and aptitude for translations. In accordance with section 189(4) of the German Court Constitution Act, they are subject to an obligation to secrecy and thus work at a higher, more responsible level than their unsworn colleagues. Sworn interpreters must provide faithful and conscientious language mediation.

The exact designation varies from federal state to federal state, and sworn interpreters are also referred to as “sworn” or “publicly appointed interpreters”.


Simultaneous interpreter

With this type of interpreting, the simultaneous interpreter listens to the speaker and translates the spoken word almost at the same time. He or she usually sits in a soundproof booth from where they can see the speaker. Wireless tour-guide systems are used for tours at trade fairs or in factories. Whispered interpretation is employed without any technology – the interpreter speaks directly into the ear of the person requiring the interpretation.


Consecutive interpreter

With consecutive interpreting, the interpreter listens first to the speaker and then translates the spoken word into the target language – usually with the help of notes. This form of interpreting is used by courts, notaries public and lawyers’ offices and in contract negotiations.

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