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Business translations
We convey the messages that you really want to communicate

Our specialist translators have studied economics or business management. They also have well-founded experience and knowledge of branches. This means that they understand the specific concepts of the business sector in addition to the technical vocabulary and the context.

For example, our specialists know that in business English the word “plant” does not mean something that grows in the garden, it’s a factory. This guarantees you accurate translations that convey precisely what you want to say.

Balance sheets, business reports, annual reports, product presentations: our experienced specialist translators will prepare high-quality business translations for you – faithful to the original and precise, right down to the last detail.


Legal translations
Complicated legal texts translated carefully and with legal certainty

Different legal systems and conceptions pose a particular challenge for the translator: incorrect wording in an employment contract or a negligent translation of the contents of legal opinions can result in considerable costs.

International legal knowledge and precise working methods are absolutely essential to translating contents identically into the target language.

Our sworn or authorized specialist translators acquired their legal knowledge during their studies. They are familiar with different legal systems and are able to translate legal terms and statutes accurately. This means that nothing stands in the way of an internationally comprehensible and legally reliable translation of your content.

Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of legal translations.

Technische Übersetzungen Terminologietreu, sachgemäß und schlüssig

Technical translations
Terminologically consistent, appropriate and coherent

Technical translations are becoming more and more important as a result of globalization and the opening up of markets. Translations of technical manuals, user manuals, software texts and other technical documentation are the foundation for the ability to apply technologies successfully all over the world and to develop them further.

Our specialist translators have excellent language skills and the technical qualifications and expertise that are necessary to make your products comprehensible for each target group. The EUROTEXT team attaches great value to a terminologically consistent, appropriate and coherent translation of your technical documentation – so that everything functions smoothly in other languages as well.